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what the .uck is color

Colours’ qualities and possibilities
Group assignment to be reported on Thursday 22 March

1 Investigate your color from different angles. Report orally and visually.
Study for example your color’s history and its particular qualities, such as physical, perceptional, cultural, religious, symbolic and psychological qualities.

Analyze the use of this particular color within:
Aircrafts and airlines
Visualize by giving examples from each above mentioned area.

2 Make a 3D composition, for example by making an installation which expresses your color and its possibilities.
The color shall be dominant in the composition and elements of the color’s complementary color shall be present.

3 Make a rhetorical statement of why your color is superior to all other colors.

Those three parts shall be part of your presentation. Each group will have approximately 20 minutes for their presentation.

May the color be with you!


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bir de ek:
hayatımı filme çekseler, yardımcı kadın oyuncu rolünü bile kapamam herhalde...

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denem ı ıı

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